Web Design & UI/UX
Yada, is an app designed for the students in the UK. Sort of an alternative to facebook it allows for inter-student communications, mainly focusing on events. I worked on both the website and app for the brand, by taking their non-existent brand outside of the logo and breathing some life into it.
UI/UX & Web Design
Optimum, a server provider company based in the UK needed a brand new website having had another agency work on their branding. It was my job taking the existing website (which was a mess of content) and turning it into a more digestible and visually engaging piece of content for Optimum's customers.

A number of years ago, the BMW Group needed a redesign of their website that they used internally. Taking what they had, especially the functionality and giving it a visual refresh that could be implemented quickly and efficiently.
36 Days of type
These are some of the outcomes of my attempt at the 36 Days of type in 2014, that gave me the opportunity to play around with typography and illustration more.
The Streets
A series of illustrations focusing on streets, buildings and the world that I did, trying to improve my illustration skills and take my mind of the day-to-day projects.
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